Kayla Koch: Doctor of Physical Therapy at Cherokee (IA) Regional Medical Center


Kayla Koch is a Doctor of Physical Therapy at the Cherokee (IA) Regional Medical Center.  She is a Cherokee native who has a passion to help others.  Kayla and I go WAY back, we started preschool together and were a part of the 2006 Cherokee Washington Highschool graduating class.  Kayla is one of the best athletes to come through Cherokee, she was a part of two state qualifying girls basketball teams and accumulated numerous other state qualifications and awards throughout her illustrious high school athletic career.  Kayla and I have a fun and thorough conversation on this episode of the podcast, we discuss a variety of topics including: motherhood, fear of failure, high school athletic success, transitioning from high school athletics to college athletics, surrounding yourself with great people, physical therapy, and of course, MUCH more!  Enjoy!


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