Aug 17, 2019

Sean Cowart: Fitness Coach & Entrepreneur

Sean Cowart is a fitness coach, entrepreneur, healthy lifestyle specialist, drummer, and world traveler.  Sean has a passion for using fitness to positively impact people's lives.  During our conversation for the 127 Fit Podcast, Sean and I cover a variety of topics which included: living with no regrets, owning your world, listening to understand, mindset, consistency, entrepreneurship, and of course, MUCH more!  Enjoy!


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Aug 11, 2019

Kristen Baker: Chapter Founder of Mindful Mornings (COS), Trail Enthusiast, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, & Holistic Nutritionist

Kristen Baker is the chapter founder of Mindful Mornings in Colorado Springs.  She is also a trail enthusiast, personal trainer, pilates instructor, and holistic nutritionist.  Kristen is a strong, powerful, and passionate soul who's mission is to empower others by living her truth.  Kristen and I have a FULL conversation during this episode of the 127 Fit Podcast.  We covered a variety of topics including:  Affirmations, relationships, not caring what others think, soul setting, the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals, and or course, MUCH more!  Enjoy!


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Aug 7, 2019

Dave Glaser: Entrepreneur, Mentor, CSCS, & Podcaster

Dave Glaser is an entrepreneur, CSCS, podcaster, mentor, and last but not least, a Dad.  Dave is a wealth of knowledge in a variety of areas, including:  business, personal training, mentoring, and dating.  For this episode of the 127 Fit Podcast, Dave and I spend a good chunk of time discussing dating and the interesting aspects of seeking a soul mate.  We also discuss:  Fatherhood, vulnerability, triggers, comparison, communication, and of course, MUCH more!  Enjoy!


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Aug 4, 2019

Jordan Larson: Founder of Cairn Outdoor Guides

Jordan Larson is the founder of Cairn Outdoor Guides located in Boulder, CO.  Jordan has a passion to get people into the outdoors to experience what nature has to offer.  Jordan also realizes and understands the importance of nature in healing, health, and well-being.  Jordan and I have an awesome conversation covering a variety of topics including:  Building relationships, respect, verbal de-escalation, breaking barriers, being real, making the world a better place, and of course, MUCH more!  Enjoy!


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Aug 2, 2019

Brynn Fabian: Entrepreneur, Online Business Mentor, Wellness Advocate, & Yoga Instructor

Brynn Fabian is an entrepreneur, online business mentor, wellness advocate, lifestyle expert, and certified yoga instructor.  Brynn is a passionate, enthusiastic, and powerful spirit!  Brynn and I have a high energy conversation on this episode of the 127 Fit Podcast covering a VARIETY of topics including:  Body image, the impact of words, accountability, always learning, confidence, kindness, the outdoors, gratitude, and of course, much more!  This conversation was one of the most enjoyable I have had!  Enjoy!


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Jul 28, 2019

Chris Miller: Air Force Football Video Coordinator & Creative Director

Chris Miller is the Air Force Football Video Coordinator & Creative Director.  He is also a Husband and Father.  Chris has an impactful story that he and I discuss in detail during this episode of the 127 Fit Podcast.  Some aspects of Chris' story that we discuss during our conversation include:  Family, kids, expectations, being a part of something bigger than yourself, stability, video coordinating, and of course, MUCH more!  Enjoy!


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Jul 24, 2019

Missy Albrecht: Doctor of Physical Therapy & Owner of Invincible

Missy Albrecht is a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  She is also the owner of Invincible, which focuses on movement education & healing.  Missy also specializes in visceral manipulation which is the practice of an experienced therapist using his or her hands to move and release fascial restrictions in your abdomen and pelvis to encourage the normal movement and function of your internal organs.  Missy and I discuss a variety of topics in our conversation including:  Anxiety, what is visceral manipulation?  Body awareness, bowel movements, movement, education, healing, vision boards, and of course, MUCH MORE!  Enjoy!


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Jul 21, 2019

Derrick McBride: Owner of Fix Performance Medicince

Derrick McBride is the owner of Fix Performance Medicine in Denver, CO.  He is also a Sport Acupuncturist, Strength Coach, and Fascial Stretch Therapist.  Derrick is an absolute wealth of knowledge and an expert in human movement.  Derrick and I take a deep dive into several of his specialties, but spend a lot of time discussing acupuncture.  We also discuss:  The holistic approach to diagnosis, exploring movement, curiosity, common physical issues he sees with clients, and of course, MUCH more!  Enjoy!


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Jul 20, 2019

Carmen Ohling: Holistic Nutritionist, Empowerment Coach, & The “Fuck Your To Do List” Coach

Carmen Ohling is a Holistic Nutritionist, Empowerment Coach, and The "Fuck Your To Do List" Coach.  Carmen spent many years in the corporate business world where she found great financial stability and success.  At a point in her career and life, Carmen found herself unfulfilled.  She decided to make a change.  In our podcast conversation, Carmen and I discuss in detail the change and shift she decided to make from her corporate life to nutrition, health, and coaching.  We also discuss a variety of other topics which included:  Perfectionism, mindset, masculine vs. feminine energy, reframing our mind, journaling, serving, and of course, MUCH MORE!  Carmen is a powerful and passionate woman, you are NOT going to want to miss this episode!  She brings the knowledge and insights!  Enjoy!

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Jul 17, 2019

Becky Glaze: Sr. Director at Beauty Counter & Healthy Living Advocate

Becky Glaze is the Senior Director of Beauty Counter, a Mom, healthy living advocate, and a lover of books.  Becky has an awesome story that she shares on this episode of the 127 Fit Podcast.  Becky and I discuss:  What is Beauty Counter?  The importance of knowing what is in your beauty products, progress over perfection, fear, vulnerability, the power of learning, and of course, much more!  For all you ladies out there, this episode is for you!  I specifically reached out to Becky because of her connection with Beauty Counter and my desire in wanting to learn more about the toxins in our care products in order to better inform and educate the listeners, Becky did not disappoint!  Enjoy!


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