Erin Smith: Owner of Eden Restored


Erin Smith is the owner of Eden Restored in Storm Lake, IA.  Erin is also a Wife and Mother.  She spent her post-college years working as a nurse and now is focused on bringing holistic health to Storm Lake and beyond.  Erin has quite the health journey, she opens up about this journey during our conversation on the podcast.  Erin's health journey led her to opening Eden Restored and pursuing additional education.  One of the offerings at Eden Restored is Frequency Scanning.  Erin's vision for Eden Restored is to provide preventative care to those in the Storm Lake area.  Erin and I have a thorough conversation on this episode of the podcast, we discuss a variety of topics including: faith, family, identity, advocating, frequency scanning, and of course, MUCH more!  Enjoy!


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