Dr. Kayla Ludvigson: Owner of Ludvigson Chiropractic (Cherokee, IA)


Dr. Kayla Ludvigson is a doctor of Chiropractic and the owner of Ludvigson Chiropractic in Cherokee, IA.  Kayla is a Cherokee native, who after completing college, wanted to move back to Cherokee and serve her community through chiropractic care.  Kayla has a vision to make Ludvigson Chiropractic a center for health, wellness, maintenance, and overall well-being.  Kayla is a passionate, driven, and ambitious Mom of three who truly loves helping others work toward becoming their best version of themselves.  Kayla and I have a fun and thorough conversation on this episode of the podcast.  This is the second episode of my Cherokee podcasts.  Kayla and I discuss a variety of topics during our conversation including:  Consistency, "Feel better, live better," chiropractic care, cupping, balancing business & family life, goal-setting, childhood memories in Cherokee, and of course, MUCH more!  Enjoy!


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"Feel better, Live better!"

-Kayla Ludvigson



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